Crafty supplies

Below are my go-to's in my craft room that I reach for time and again. Please note that a lot of these are affiliate links, but not sponsored by the companies featured. I just love the products. If you click the links and make a purchase I may receive a small commission, and I truly appreciate it if you do click and support my small hobby business. Also the descriptions are either from the source of the link, or my own opinion for why I recommend them and not in any way associated with the product manufacturer or retailer. 


I am choosing to not include my stamp and die sets here, as they are... extensive, but I will continue to include links to those in my posts and YouTube videos for easy reference. 

Also please note this page is a work in progress and the purpose is to be a quick reference guide for you all to find products I use quickly. The products are still included in the posts and YouTube descriptions. Also if you are perusing and find dead links, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, as I'd like an opportunity to make it right. 

Distress Ink

Oh Distress Inks. Where do I start. I am super happy with my decision to purchase these inks. They were one of my first purchases when I decided to make a go at this. The links here are to the full 3x3 ink pads but there is also the option to purchase the mini ink pads which are a great way to get a bunch of inks in a cost effective (if still financially painful) way.


This is what I did, figuring that as the minis dry up I will purchase the reinkers so the whole ordeal doesn't break the bank. Totally a great decision. 

Heat Embossing

I wasn't sure how I would feel about heat embossing. I started with a jar of white embossing powder and fell in love.

I think there is value in stretching your supplies and making due with just white and clear embossing powders. However, I find embossing powders to be affordable and a single jar will go a long way. I also think they are a lot of fun to play with. So my stash just keeps growing.


I will continue to add different kinds of embossing powder in here as I add to my stash. 

Craft Room Essentials

Another section in progress. Realistically this may not be as large a section as the ones above it. There really are not that many essentials that you need, in my opinion, for card making. You need a good work surface, a way to cut out dies (because it's cheaper than purchasing diecuts, but if that's your jam, go nuts), and a few helper tools and you are set.